Monday, 7 August 2017

5 Reasons We Will Be At The Air Show This Year

It is that time again! Every year I look forward to one event and pretty much one event only (not including Christmas obviously). The Abbotsford Airshow!

We started attending when I was just a little girl. My dad lived in Abbotsford and I remember attending it more than once. However, in my teens... not so much, I pretty much forgot about the Airshow until my mid-20's when Sean and I got married my dear sister-in-law had offered us some tickets and we thought why not. 

Our first year there, I was hooked and after our first year taking our boys, I knew we would be there every year till they refuse to attend with us (which will be never because it is that awesome). Our youngest was only 6 months last year and we strapped on his ear muffs and spent our Friday evening watching their incredible light show. 

This year we are going again, obviously. I am even more excited that there will be an extra addition to the airshow this year. Brew North Strong Craft Beer Festival! Sure maybe it is not a kid event, but hey, all the more reason to get a three day pass like we are and heading one day to the airshow and one (or two because you have the tickets) to the Beer Festival for a great day/night out with friends! 

So here you have it, my top 5 reasons to attend the Abbotsford Air Show 2017!

1. The Show.... duh!
We are pretty much obsessed with the really loud shows! We bought our kids some noise canceling ear muffs from the hearing clinic off Gladwin Rd. We took the boys to watch the WHOLE show last year, including the biggest, loudest planes of them all. Pretty much my favorite reason to attend the Airshow!

2. The NEW Craft Beer Fest (19+)
The list of suppliers that this beer fest is incredible: 
  • Old Abbey Ales
  • Ravens Brewing
  • Deadfrog Brewing
  • 4 Mile Brewing Co
  • Granville Island Brewing
  • Category 12 Brewing
  • Two Wolves Brewing
  • Chaos and Solace Craft Brewing Co.
  • Highway 97 Brewing
  • Bordertown Estate Winery
  • Cannery Brewing Company
  • Sunrype Premium Craft Cider
  • Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.
  • Hathi Brewing Co.
  • Ripples Winery
  • Stanley Park Brewing
This event is new to the airshow this year, and we are more than excited to check it out. Not only that there, you will find premium runway seating, lawn games, chairs, tables, umbrellas for shade! SHADE friends!

3. The Mini Donuts
When are these not a reason to attending an event? You will find us stuffing our faces! 

4. The Airplanes
Every year my kids are growing more and more into airplanes. The first few year they were a bit nervous to go inside but this year our oldest is jacked to check them out again! So many to take a look inside, the pilots are incredibly nice and knowledgeable and I have always been so impressed at how special they make it for the kids!

5. The Light Show
Friday night they have an incredible light show! I am not going to tell you too much because I want to you to go see it for yourself!!! But Friday nights... nap your kids and stay till it gets dark, then send your kids home with a sitter and go to the Beer Festival:p Just saying.

So there you have it, this will be our 6th year attending, and 4th with our kids. We love it so much, and hope you too will when you come out this weekend, August 11-13th!!!

IMPORTANT: Please note, if you plan to attend the Beer Festival,  DO NOT drink and drive. If you plan to attend the event, please arrange transportation. I hate to make it a serious note, but drinking and driving kills, drink responsibly. 

Photos by myself and Creative Wife & Joyful Worker (BIG thanks for giving me the opportunity to be in front of the camera)

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