Monday, 10 July 2017

We Moved!

This is basically what the first days in our new house looked like!

But we did it. We moved and it really did go as well as it possibly could have.
We worked all day packing (because we all know I had not finished that), cleaning and getting everything set up at our new place (with the help of so many amazing people). All so that our boys could come home to a somewhat functional home.

The next day, Sean went back to work. I couldn't help but think how amazing our new playroom and the backyard was going to feel to my children... "they will just spend hours in here, won't they?" I thought to myself. Lo, and behold, day one in our new house was the farthest thing from easy. Nor did either of them want to play outside for more than 6 minutes, they also didn't want to play inside for more than 6 minutes (very confusing)... they had no interest in the playroom and our littlest strictly wanted to play on the stairs which we have never had inside since having children. But the most stressful part: So. Many. Tears.

My kids can be emotional obviously, but Tuesday, they took emotional to a whole new level. Funny how as a parent I felt as if I had just bought them their very own underground pool, a bouncy castle and a three-story playground and yet they were crying their eyes out not wanting to have anything to do with them. Thankfully I clued in fairly quickly. As much as I though this was the transition as going to be "easy" it still came with some challenges, some confused feelings and my poor babies were not able to put what they were feeling into words.

Now we have been here for just over a week and it just keeps getting easier and easier. They have warmed up to the back yard and we are all more than a little excited to be getting a fence around it!
We have already had dinner on our patio more than a few thanks (thanks to my dear sister-in-law who left us her patio set) and we will celebrate my dad's upcoming birthday out there as well (and the kids can run around like apes in the sprinkler, yahoo). We are all transitioning and it feels good!

As for my sentimental feelings of our first home, well I got over that fast. So fortunate we live in a time we can capture so many memories and we have more than a few photos of our old place and that first home our babies came home too. Now for more memories!

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