Monday, 19 June 2017

Closing a Chapter

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We are nearing the end of our time in the first home we have grown our little family in. Trust me, we are excited. Very excited. However, call me sentimental; my heart sinks a little with the thought of leaving the very place my babies came home to, took their first steps in and made so many memories in.

At the same time, Sean officially graduated from Seminary and got his first job closer to home than we ever imagined. We thought there was a good chance we would have to move away to accommodate his career choice, but we are incredibly fortunate to be staying right here for now. For me, this year was a big year of running a small business, blogging more consistently and finishing up 10 wonderful weddings for 2017 while being a stay-at-home mom. We knew this change was coming but was not quite expecting it all so suddenly.

In all of it, it's been more than a tad bit overwhelming for all of us. We love it, and we hate it, all at the same time. I know I find my anxiety rising at every additional task we take on as a family and yet this change is just that much more work. At the same time, we are trying to cherish these last few weeks in this place we have called home.

I hate moving, with a passion. It is by far my least favorite task ever other than cooking, and we have done it more than a few times while being married. This one is the biggest though. The one we have to unassemble a crib and a toddler bed and move a million times more junk than we have ever owned in our entire life (there will be some hardcore purging being done).

All that to say, we are simply rolling with the punches. We are lucky to be facing "happy" struggles vs. "sad" struggles and know in a matter of months this will be nothing but a memory.
We are upgrading to a home with a backyard, an office, and rooms for all. We're not quite in a place to buy a home, but renting couldn't be a better option for us for now and we are so grateful for the incredible opportunity to do so.

We're excited to be in a home we will truly try to make our own over the next couple years and have a place we can host small get-togethers, make a little studio space for work, and let my children run around in circles in the backyard.

Moving sucks, but change is good. And although I am going to miss the familiarity of this little home, only three rooms to clean, and sweet neighbors that are right outside our front door we watch daily... we know this change is going to be good.

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