Monday, 1 May 2017

FAQ's For Those Who Love To Take Photos

What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 6D. I often have people surprised I use "only" a Canon 6D when there are so many other cameras out there. But truth is, your camera body only plays one role in great photography... your lenses, creativity, knowledge and more all need to come together to create great images (all something I am still working on). I have loved my Canon 6D since the day I got it and will continue to use it until I run it into the ground.

What is your favorite lens and why?

My Canon 50mm 1.2. Why? Because of the wonderful 1.2 aperture. That is how I get amazing bokeh in my photos at times. I love the creamy softness of the low aperture lenses.

What lens and camera do you recommend to those who don't want to spend a lot but still want something that has a bit more options than a Point and Shoot?
I love the Canon Rebels (the newer ones are great) as well as the 50mm 1.8. It is a nice low aperture lens that is still in a good price range although may not be super practical to those who like to zoom. This is my go-to recommendation to anyone who asks. I also have heard some great things about Sigma lenses that I believe are a bit more affordable than your name brand Canons.

How do you get kids to smile?
I dance around like a monkey, pretend I am going to tickle them and let them lead. And I always bring stickers!

On Instagram do you use your Canon camera all the time?

Nope, not on my personal Instagram feed. I always do on my photography portfolio feed to show potential clients what to expect. But on my personal, I would say 30% are professional photos. I almost always use my iPhone because I have it with me way more often.

Do you use other lighting options?

Nope. During weddings, I will use flash if needed but I use natural light and natural reflectors as much as I possibly can. I just LOVE the results of working with natural light vs. any other artificial light.

Do you have a studio?

I wish! But no, I do not.

What is your go to IG filter?

VSCO A6. I adjust it a bit but I love it!

Are you self-taught?

Yes, with the help from some amazing online resources and photographers such as Sue Bryce, Jasmine Star and more.

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