Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Picking Up Where We Left Off

As you may have seen over the last few months, my family and I were on route to a big move at the end of March. We lived in a 2 bedroom, one bathroom suite and it is completely manageable but not optimal.

After starting DearLovesCo., little hands were getting into everything and I craved an office space. A place I could close the door and leave all as is. Also, as any Mother may know (and maybe even more if you have boys) our kiddos are usually happier getting outside regularly. The idea of a backyard was unbelievingly stress relieving. In mid-March I thought we had found the perfect little place and I was so excited to move in!

However, it is April. Our move-in date has come and gone and we are still here, living in our 2 bedroom suite, craving a backyard and office. After much conversing my husband and I decided to stay where we are at, and my heart broke a little. But when planning for the future, at times we must sacrifice for gain, and as much as I would love the things I crave now, now is not the time.

All that to say, our place is the farthest thing from "hard living". We have been blessed with a great price, sufficient space and the ability to do pretty much whatever we like to our home. We have dear friends living in San Fran who fit their family of 6 into a two bedroom home so this was nothing in comparison. But as I am learning the idea of less stuff and open space is very stress relieving and brings out the best in me.

So to stay where we were at but also live with less we knew we needed to make a change staying here. As we unpacked boxes we made a decision. It is time to do some "donating", we are slowly and surely growing in our acceptance of letting go of things, letting our children have less stuff and be ok with it. All in which make the "small" space we live in all the bigger and more spacious. I thought it would be fun to share a few of things we have been doing to help clear space and make living small more manageable. I am learning when these things seem to pile up it is probably time to do a bit of a spring clean.

1. Toddler & Baby Toys

Ah, we all know we probably have too many of them. If we had a place to store I may be more likely to store and swap out toys but we don't, so instead we let our son pick out what he was ok giving up, and it was mostly the things we never touch anyways. We packed up 3 boxes of toys to donate and freed up more space.
One day I am going to open a toy library of some sort (big dreams.. and NOT at my house:p), a place we can swap toys in and out all for free, to create more space for some and resources for others (we had this in California and it was amazing).

2. DVDs & CDs

Oh my, why do we even own them anymore? My sister-in-law told me a few months ago, "Julie, it is time to get rid of them, you will never use them." Sure enough, after our attempted move, I didn't even unpack the box, it was straight into the donation pile. Ya for Netflix and Itunes.

3. Clothes & Shoes

Let's get rid of everything we have not worn over the last few months. We all know we have those jeans we think we will eventually wear again or that shirt we know one day we will need to wear but truth is we probably won't or we will buy before we ever pull those old clothes out. Most of my days I wear one of two jackets, one of three pairs of shoes and a handful of shirts and pants. Time to donate.

4. Extra Sheets & Linens

We have so many extra bedding pieces we never use. They just sit in our closet storing up dust. I noticed during our packing we have more than just one box of extra linens we were never using.

5. Books

Ok so here is one I am needing to work on gradually. I have a very hard time donating books. But if you can do it, do it. Chances are small you will actually use them even if they are wide out in the open and they have already been read but at the same time they take up so much space.

We are just starting out, and are still learning to let go. But if you are like us, and feel the need to get rid of more stuff here may just be the list for you! Good luck, I know we will need it!

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