Friday, 21 April 2017

A Dino Party

Someone turned three! I can honestly say, finding birthday party inspiration for my boys isn't always easy. I am all about flowers, lace and anything girly, so searching for a birthday boy party inspiration is a task and a treat.

This year, as many have, we decided to go with a Dinosaur theme party. It was nothing of the ordinary but the colour scheme and simplicity of my vision was just what I wanted after the last three parties I have put on for my boys were a bit much. 

I found a ton of inspiration off of Pinterest (also if you have not checked out Posie and Pine's son's Dinosaur Train party you really should) and loved the balloon banner so much with my littles's first "Donut Grow Up" theme party (plus it is is the easiest thing ever) I went for it again. We held the party at Highstreet's Community room and one of their requirements is you order all your main food from Highstreet so I threw out all ideas of making anything myself this year and ordered Famousa Pizza, Davids Tea (who actually gifted us their Tea of the Day) and ordered some good ol' Starbucks coffee. We purchased a few of our favoirte treat foods from around town for a cute little dessert table and it was pretty much the best thing ever to not have hung out in the kitchen all morning.

I purchased a few local must-haves below for the party and ordered the adorable Dino cookies, once again from my wedding client Allison at Whisked Granted (you can check out her Doughnut cookies here).

We played a few fun games (funny enough it was Easter weekend so we had a Dino Egg hunt) and indulged in the yummiest cake ever made my Reddy Made Cakes. It was such a hit and we are so thankful for everyone who was able to come out and be part of this without little guy! Thank you!!!


Bowen walking like a Dino! 

These cuties both turned three!


Venue: Highstreet Community Room
Cupcakes & Cake: Reddy Made Cakes
Cupcake Sprinkles: Dainty Sprinkle Co.
Straw: IKEA
Cookies: Whisk Granted
Balloon Banner: Made by yours truley
Cake Topper: Sprig West
Dine T-Shirt: Old Navy
Photobooth props: PrintableProShop
Photography: Myself, Julie Christine Photography

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