Monday, 6 March 2017

Ticking Off My Bucket List // Paper Heart Calligraphy Workshop

Have you ever just thought you would be gifted at something? Call me arrogant but if there was anything I ever thought I would be good at it would have been calligraphy. I have grown up in an artistic home that painting and drawing have always come quite naturally to us all.

I honestly, thought it was just going to be easy for me, all I needed was someone give me a few pointers.I finally decided to partake in the  Paper Hearts Calligraphy Workshop  a few weeks back and I couldn't have been more impressed with the workshop. 

To make it even more fun, I was last-minute accompanied by one of my best friends who really does have some calligraphy talent, and lucky for her, she squeezed into the class. Within minutes of putting all we had learned into practice, I realize how NOT natural I am was calligraphy. Actually better said, I am awful.

I gained a brand new appreciation for calligraphers, and their true talent behind what they do. This included my dear friend who sat across of me scribbling each letter 10x better than me. All that to say, Paper Heart Calligraphy Class was the perfect class for the beginner such as myself.

I know these things take practice and patience, and again if you are at all interested in giving Calligraphy ago, this is the class. Awful or not, you can expect some great teaching, a serious of letters and word print outs to work on, and a few little gifts we all love!

You can check out two upcoming classes that will be held at Highstreet this month here!

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