Friday, 17 March 2017

Slow Living In A Busy Season

Getting sick is always a bummer, but every time I am sick I find myself loving the time of rest I was forced to take. Don't get me wrong, the throwing up part is never fun but the rest and solitude is a true treat.

I have taken a Myers Brigg test over 5 times in my life. And every time I am the exact same thing. ESFJ. It never changes, which is probably evidence of a good test. But when you look at the numbers I am a clear SFJ, my E though... well I am 1% on the side of an extrovert. Which means, I am very on the line of an extrovert and introvert. This really doesn't surprise me at all. I love to be with people, I thrive off of energy around me and I love meeting new people, but as like I said above I crave slow time, times where I am doing nothing but watching my TV and eating mini eggs, days in a week I will plan nothing with anyone and it is the most rejuvenating time ever. But sometimes it is hard to find the balance.

Being sick the last few days made me rest my mind, take a step back from the busyness of my week and simply read books with my kids and camp out in their rooms. Since starting DearLovesCo., I have struggled to find a balance again with my people-time and my me-time. The time that is just for my kids and the times that is just for work. It is hard. Balance is hard. All that to say I thought I would share a bit of how I try my best to live just a bit slower in a season of life that is beyond busy.

1. Post When You Want
When posting on Instagram, or writing a blog post, I tell myself daily "it is ok if you don't." Don't post because you feel like you have to. Post because you want to and because you have content you want to share. When first on IG, I worked so hard to post daily three times a day, sometimes forcing myself to come up with content I didn't have. It was exhausting. Now two kids later, I just don't have time and instead of worrying about growth or loss of my following I tell myself daily, be authentic, be real, be you. Those who love you will follow and those that don't, that's ok. All of this helps take the pressure off of being on and gives me more grace to not always be busy.

2. Unplug

Ah, we have all heard it, but I think in our time it is becoming even more prevalent. I now plug my phone away in my kitchen, well away from my bed so it is not the last thing I look at when I go to bed and the first thing I look at when I wake up in the morning. My kids are happier when I put my phone down, and I have a rule that if I can't get my so called "perfect" picture within our daily routine to post in a matter of 2 or 3 snaps of my camera I move on, let it go and put the phone away.

3. Turn Off & Do What You Love

We all have obligations in life, so when the obligations are out of the way, do what you want to do. I have deadlines but when my projects are done I give myself the freedom to do what I want. Take a break, go on a date night, watch a movie, hang out with a friend. This is something anybody who owns their own business would feel. It is hard to shut off, so give yourself the freedom to do it at times, and put the stresses of work behind you even just for a couple of hours.

4. Be Ok Saying No

I used to feel like I needed to say yes to everything. But trust me, there can be lots of benefits and lots of heartaches. As a small business owner, as a mom, as a human, we all need to learn to say no at times and I am the worst at it. Our time is precious, and I am learning it is the most valuable, so treasure it, protect it fiercely and always put your greatest values at the top of your list when making a decision. Saying no will add fewer things to the calendar which will ultimately make life easier.

5. Be Present

I am the worst at always thinking about the future. I am always thinking of ways to grow my business, write a post about, who to email etc. This season I decided that when my son asked me to play with him at any given time of the day I would say "yes". I would shut off my mind and really play with him. All in which actually helps me slow down my mind and just be present.

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