Thursday, 30 March 2017

Simple DIY Mountain Walls

A few months back we moved out oldest son into a new bedroom. We had originally painted the room an off gray/white and loved the look originally. After moving our son in there, though, I felt it looked bare and needed a bit of something on the walls. 

I went back and forth about Urban Walls decals and possibly just painting a feature wall. But after a bit of hunting on Pinterest, I finally committed to mountain walls. I wanted the whole room to have a bit of an outdoors theme and with some glowing stars on the roof, I thought mountains would be the perfect touch, plus fairly easy to do. 

If you know me at all, I am not one to follow directions (except with IKEA furniture because I swear I mess it up every time I don't). So after finding a few DIYs, I got the overall gist of how to pull this look off. So just like me, I pulled out the green tape and just started going at it. I am never one to measure yet I am incredibly perfectionistic. So how I pulled this off may not be for everyone. But I can tell you, as a perfectionistic, I am incredibly happy with out they turned out. 

The gist of what I did was the following: 

1. Green tape ( you will need a lot of it)
I taped off the baseboards to start off and then started wth just taping some large triangles on the wall. The only thing I found myself needing to do a lot was making sure the tape was straight. I would find there would be little grooves in the tape and me needed to peel it off and retape it. But the great thing about the tape is you can make them look exactly how you want them to look like before any painting begins.

2. Press it down firmly when you have decided what you want the mountains to look like. This is key since if you do not, the paint will sneak under the tape and create little grooves in your mountains. I wanted mine to br really straight so pushing the tape down before painting anything was key. 

3. Paint away. You will need to do a few coats depending on the color you go with so don't pull the tape off until you are totally done

4. Fix up any imperfections with a small paint brush. 
After I was done I just pulled out a tiny paint brush and hand painted any little imperfections along the way. 

5. The biggest thing I recommend is really perfecting your tape before you start painting. Make sure they are how you want them to look (the layout) and pressed down really good. Also buy good tape so you are not having to peel off crappy broken tape once the paint has dried. 

Easy Peasy. 

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