Monday, 27 March 2017

Hand Drawn Bunny Eggs

Now that my oldest is a bit older I look forward to each holiday a whole lot more. 
My oldest was born just shy of Easter three years ago and this year I couldn't have been more thrilled to not just be planning his third birthday but also indulge in a few Easter crafts he has yet to be in to until now. 

Last night while I put these Easter eggs together (because let's be honest, I was a bit out of my game and needed a trial run before heading feet first into egg dying again) my oldest couldn't have shown more interest in being part of it with me. We even hallowed them out which seriously have not done since I was like 8. 

Because I had put together a cute little bunny bag (for candy bags) printable in my previous post I wanted to keep the theme going with the bunnies! So I found the sweetest little image on  Pinterest and thought I would give it ago. I decided to dye the whole eggs instead of half but thought the little drawings were the cutest. 

Seriously dying eggs brought me right back to childhood and I am so excited to do a little tye dye Easter egg dying this week with the boys (now that I know what I am doing). 

I simply bought an Easter egg dying kit from Michaels (super cheap like $6) and drew the faces on with a pencil. And just had fun with them... was not picky about straight lines or perfect ears, just made them look very hand drawn and unique to each other! Another great idea I saw was cracking the top of these eggs off and putting a few little flowers in them poking out the top like a mini vase!

What are some of your favorite Easter crafts ideas?
If you are looking for a few more DIY's I know my dear friends over at Posie and Pine (this adorable egg basket below) and Creative Wife and Joyful Worker have a few in the works!

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