Friday, 24 March 2017

Easter Bunny Bag Printable

Spring it here and my boys and I are so excited. Maybe me a bit more than them. We are in the process of moving to our first house (vs. suite) and our first backyard is making this mama pretty excited to spend a bit more time just at home but still outside. 

Spring has for sure turned into my favorite season over the past few years. In a matter of two years we welcomed two new Spring birthdays to the family and now April is pretty much the busiest season ever, but probably all of our favorites. 

One of my favorite things to do pretty for each holiday is to make a little candy bag or just something small for our nieces and nephews. So when asked if I wanted to throw together a DIY for Loving Littles Easter Gathering I knew just what I wanted to create.

Below is the printables you can cut out. I recommend printing them on cardstock paper. 
I bought a big package of Mini Eggs and some flat paper bags (you could use clear cellophane bags as well). I just cut the paper bags about 1 third from the bottom and threw the mini eggs in and tapes the bag closed so the mini eggs don't fall out. 

I taped my bunny on the bag, but you could also staple for a different visual effect. And lastly, my printables were a bit wider the size of the bags so I just cut a bit from each end.

Hope some of you can use these this Easter. They are super easy to put together! 

DOWNLOAD: Her Bunny Bag Printable 
DOWNLOAD: His Bunny Bag Printable

Also head over to Posie & Pine's Blog to check out her adorable Easter Basket DIY you can find in the photo above, the perfect basket for treats such as these! 

Find more vendors, DIY's and photos of the sweet party over at Loving Littles Blog
Party Stylizing by Loving Littles Blog 
DIY Easter Baskets by Posie & Pine 
Floral Bunny Ears by Sequel Events
Venue Rowena's Inn by the River

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  1. Tis is such a sweet idea! I love that printable, going to have to save this to make with all the cousins as an Easter treat. <3

    1. Katherine! Thank you so much! I hope they turned out great!!!


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