Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Organizing Our Small Space

Over 3 years ago we moved back from California, into the suite we currently live in now. At the time I was pregnant with our first and it was a perfect size (even quite big) for just the two of us and our new babe on the way. It is a great suite but sadly lacks storage which is what we have struggled with the most as our boys have gotten older. 

After our son was born we started collecting a lot more stuff as I am sure all of us know. I was taking a bit of time off from photography since we had moved back, so at the time I had very little need for an office and we were able to stuff all of the storage items, bikes, luggage, and toys into our son's closet and the laundry room and still feel like it was organized. As years have gone by though the stuff has continued to grow and grow and my business has started to grow and grow, needing more space for office supplies and kids toys. 
Finally, after having our second son, the stuff got a bit out of control for the size of our house. I remember people asking what we needed and the answer was nothing! When our youngest was 6 months old, I also decided to take on a bit of product blogging and started our small business, DearLovesCo. The storage of materials and lack of appropriate workspace got a little out of control. I was constantly losing things, and storing bits and pieces into every nook and cranny of our house. 

Finally, around Christmas time Sean and I had a big reality check. We had way too much stuff and needed to stay in our space for longer than we hoped. We are the farthest thing from Minimalists but we had a passion for downsizing, for getting rid of all of the things we were storing for a rainy day. We decided we needed to purge and organize. I had read a ton about living in "small spaces" and we envisioned more than a few new ways we could make space for storage. We were so excited to be done the baby stage with our littlest and started to give away all our baby gear to friends and family. 

After a bit of thinking through what we wanted to do, we decided our biggest space saver was to utilize our walls more. At the same time, we noticed our boys needed their own rooms, which we knew if we moved our youngest into our master bedroom, we could officially make that a playroom as well as his bedroom! Initially, our youngest was sleeping with us but after a week of sleeping in our living room, we were determined to create separate spaces for us all since we ALL sleep so much better (as much as I would love for us to be one-bit co-sleeping family). 

Now I am a huge IKEA fan. I have owned a ton of stuff from there and have never been unhappy with it, so be prepared to see a ton of IKEA in our house! 

The room I am sharing below has successfully turned into our bedroom, living room, office and a bit of a playroom and for the first time in 3 years, I couldn't be happier with it. 

Our new ALGOT wall shelves and TEJENA storage boxes have been amazing for all of my small business products and marketing material, as well as having them on the walls has avoided our boys getting into drawers. I love how there is more open space on the floor and the whole room looks more open having the shelving on the wall. 

The KALLAX shelf next to the desk has been there for some time. I am a huge basket fan and love the BRANÄS Series so they are now filled with mostly toys and even a few empty baskets, thanks to my new desk storage! We also snuck in the boys colouring LÄTT table which we love. So many fun DIYs you can find on Pinterest with this table as well!

Our couch is a pull out bed couch, it is the HOLMSUND. My favorite thing about this couch is there is storage within it, so we literally pack a memory foam and all of our blankets and pillows into the couch during the day and I would have to say it takes less than a minute to set up and clean up. We have been so happy with the turnout and the pleasure to sleep again! We also have the white LACK table that has literally been with us since we got married (to and back from Cali as well) from Ikea we love because it was super cheap and the boys can ding and colour on it as they like. We store some toys and table magazines underneath and it does the trick!

We also have the LOHALS flatwoven rug and the TULLSTA side chair that is actually super comfy!

Finally, we have our bookshelves which again is the ALGOT but a different layout and I love how deep the shelves are and the ability to store so many books (although we purged a ton). I needed a place to store my boy's scrapbooks out of the way and that top shelf is the perfect place for them.

We turned this HEMNES dresser into a place for our must-have wardrobe items, and we still use our closet in our master bedroom (or oldest son's room) but we love we have accessibility to things out here when the boys are napping. Plus we really love the look in our living room funny enough. 

So there you have it, tell me how you organize your small space?! We always love new, fresh ideas!

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