Friday, 10 February 2017

Mini Cake Doughnuts...Mmmmm.

I am a party planner! I love it, every bit of it. Most of the time, my kid's parties are planned about three months in advance, since I love the process so much and hate to feel stressed and rushed. This year, we are throwing our littlest guy a Donut Grow Up themed party! 

As I was going through the options of buying doughnuts for the party, I couldn't let go of the idea of wanting to really customize them to our theme colours. I had found a great cake mix doughnut DIY Pinterest and decided that instead of buying them I would bake them myself! Thankfully I gave it a shot before the party since I am pretty sure it would have been a complete disaster hence I waited!

Just like in the DIY I decided to make cake doughnuts! So these really don't taste anything like doughnuts at all. More like doughnut-shaped cake, but still really good. I decided to buy a few Betty Crocker boxes (since I don't bake or cook much from scratch) and we found a mini doughnut maker on Amazon. In the end, I was pretty happy with the results but a few things I learned and loved along the way was as follows:

1. They may not bake evenly.
I am guessing this has to do with the type of doughnut maker you buy but with ours, it was tough. It was hard to get the top looking the same colour as the bottom. But once I got through the first round I realized it didn't really matter they still taste great. Just know as you are baking them, the bottom will be browned so once the tops start to show some colour get those babies off the burner! Also, when you ice them, it gives them a different look depending on the side you glaze!

2. Be sure your icing in thick!
By thick, I mean close to too thick. The first batch was very runny and I found that it soaked it the cake a lot and let them looking more glazed than iced. If you want your icing to have some colour and thickness make sure it is thick! However, as you will see in my photos below, if you want more of a glazed look, then thinner is the way to go.

3. They look better once they are completely cooled.
After I had finished the first batch I was pretty certain I was not going to give it a go for the party. But after they had completely cooled they looked so much better! I was super happy with them. Even the lightly glazed ones looked good, which initially they just looked like wet doughnuts.

4. They taste like cake!
If you are looking for a doughnut these aren't them. They taste like cake, and they are great. But if you are looking for actual doughnuts you may be better off trying another DIY, or buying them! But cake doughnuts are the bomb!

Well, here you have it! A few images of how my first attempt came together. This is the first to a few DIY's for our littles guys party (think balloons and prints). Excited for it to all come together tomorrow and see how it finally turns out!

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