Saturday, 25 February 2017

Q&A with Isn't She Lovely

Around the time I started DearLovesCo. I came across Sarah's sweet shop, Isn't She Lovely. I instantly fell in love with her adorable handmade rompers and dresses and although I have no girls, she was top on my list for baby girl gifts I needed to purchase.

Since coming across her shop, I have come to know Sarah a bit more thanks to the small business world. We shot an in-home session for her to highlight a bit of where she sews all your orders and I had the pleasure of meeting her sweet family as well.
This past Christmas I shot a mother and baby inspired stylized shoot, and when thinking about baby outfits to includes she got the call. I was so excited to include this adorable white romper below (just look at the bow on the back) on little Ivy for the shoot! 

I couldn't be more excited to be sharing a bit about Sarah and her sweet shop on the blog today! 

What inspired you to start your small business Isn't She Lovely?
I have always loved to create! Straight out of high school I got my University Degree with an Art & Design / Textiles Major but I took a career turn to work in Early Childhood Education. Fast forward a few years & Isn't She Lovely was born while on maternity leave with my son, and inspired by the little girls I had the pleasure of taking care of while running my infant/toddler daycare right here in Chilliwack.

What inspired the name "Isn't She Lovely"?
I've named a few business before and I had such a hard time with it! But this one just seemed to come to me effortlessly. Maybe it was the song that was just going around and around in my head, but it just stuck and seemed to fit perfectly. 

You use a mix of new and recycled fabrics, tell us why and what inspired you to do so?
I think growing up in England instilled a love of old fashioned floral patterns in me, and I found it hard to find new fabrics with prints I liked. So I extended my hunt to thrift stores and that's when I fell in love with repurposing and giving new life well-loved fabrics. 

Tell us what your favourite piece is to make.
Oh gosh, all of them?! I have such a bad habit of saying each item is my favourite one yet but it's true... I love to make them all, and because most are small batch and limited edition I never really get bored of making the same item over and over.

What is your favourite part of your business?
Starting out this business I had no idea that there were such an amazing small shop and handmade community right here in the Fraser Valley. I have found myself absolutely loving collaborations, connections and friendships that have emerged throughout the year with both fellow makers, blogger and customers too, many of which I now call my friends, and this has become one of my favorite aspects of the job. 

We all love knowing favourites, tell us your favourites!
Ice cream: Mint choc chi
Date night idea: Dinner at Bravo in Chilliwack, our absolute fave!
Daily activity: Spend time with my family, sew and get outdoors as much as possible.
Coffee drink: I don't drink coffee! Crazy I know! With a toddler that still doesn't sleep through the night and a baby on the way maybe it's time I start!?! :) 

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