Saturday, 18 February 2017

Donut Grow Up 1st Birthday Party

Our "Donut Grow Up" baby boy's 1st birthday is finally up on the blog. Last weekend was the big day and I couldn't have been more happy with how it all turned out. 

My vision was plenty of colour and lots of sugar. 
I had envisioned handmade donuts (and a few Krispy Kremes) as well as custom balloon banner and donut balloons!
The whole party was a huge hit and I am so excited to share with you a few of my favorite DIY's and prints, as well as few amazing small shops that made this whole party a success. 

My colourful balloon banner was custom made by myself with the help of more than a few party stores! Finally, the right colour balloons wasn't easy but I was so happy with the end result! 

We had all our monthly photos printed out in 5x5's by London Drugs, and these precious 5x5 prints also fit perfectly into my little guy's Mushybook memory book! 

I had handmade some yummy cake mini donuts you can check out on a post a few weeks back, I actually pulled them off and even made these beauties the night before and they turned out so well (icing them actually keeps them super moist, so you can do it the night before and they are still so fresh tasting). I also totally lucked out and my sister-in-law was picking up Krispy Kreme for their mission's trip fundraiser and they brought be a few boxes, who doesn't love a good ol' Krispy Kreme?!

Those sweet printables in the frames are available here:

Our yummy snacks were the following (I said there was a lot of sugar):
- Donut and fruit skewers
- DIY cake donuts (find my past post here)
- Yogurt, fruit and granola cups
- Custom donut cookies by my very own wedding client,  Whisk Granted (she is insanly talented)
- Apple slices with colour cream cheese and sprinkles by Dainty Sprinkle Co.

All of the food turned out so well and everything was a huge hit!

I had also envisioned those fun donut balloons I saw on Pinterest. Although the painting and drying process of helium filled balloons (and a toddler running around) was not super easy, I was actually really happy with them. I found the balloons off amazon and picked up some custom paint colours from Michaels. The sprinkles are cut out from streamers!

Also Creative Wife Designs helped me put together a darling printable for our favor bags and a few tags for guests to take home extra donuts! You can also head over to her blog for the free printables!

Our favours were filled with jars of sprinkles, a little donut ornament and few scratch and sniff stickers for the kids! I custom made these stickers for the bags and had them printed through Vista Print! You can download the sticker template just below and just upload them to Vista Print Sticker template here. (I used the smallest sticker size). And our guest book was some sweet donut cards I found on Pinterest I love to include in our boy's scrapbook.


Teal sticker image
Coral sticker image

Were so thankful for everyone who came out and celebrated with us, it truley means so much to us and our little guy! I can't believe this may be the last of 1st birthdays!!!

Colourful Apple Slice Sprinkles: Dainty Sprinkle Co.
Party Hats, Confetti, Straws, "One" Sparkler: Shop Sweet LuLu 
Donut Napkins: Heather and Gem
"Donut Forget Me" Tags and Print: Creative Wife Designs
Donut Cookies: Whisk Granted
Donut Graphics: Modern Minimalist Art

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  1. The Party turned out so amazing Julie! Thanks for having me be a part of it, loved being able to create those printables. Also that last picture is the absolute cutest!!

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