Sunday, 8 January 2017

One Came Too Fast

This past week our little man turned one.
It all came too fast, but we all know that as parents. With one, we feel it speed up a bit, with two it is like it multiplies by 4. A year ago today we brought home our toddler from his grandparent's house and started our new life with two. Within minutes of the blissful new stage of life, we realized our toddler was the farthest from equipped to be with a newborn baby.

The first week was fine, I was recovering and my toddler was mesmerized by his exclusive time with my husband, Sean. By week two my wing man was heading back to work and I was required to conquer the world of two small humans vs. me.
I was quick to realize this two kid thing was hard work. And by hard work, I mean like mmm not double as much work but closer to 4 times as much work. In the midst of changing 10 diapers a day, nursing around the clock, sleeping 5 hours a night and comforting a newborn baby... I was taking care of a toddler who yes I love dearly, but had turned a bit into a full on two-year-old toddler if you get my drift. It was an adventure, a total trip. 

But time goes by fast. And like I said it seems to speeds up. At around Christmas of this year, it all really hit me. As quick as time goes by, I needed and wanted to make a better effort at enjoying it. Treasuring the good, the bad, the hard, the easy... all of it. The things I did for my first son because I had the time was different then. Every little milestone was recorded, every sentimental gift given, used and wrapped up for memorabilia, and so so so many photos and videos.When we had our second I had to try harder, a lot a harder. The days were shorter and as I have been saying... times goes by fast. One thing I did with our oldest around this age, I had a gorgeous quilt created for him. Something to keep for years to come! Finally this winter I got around to doing for our littlest guy as well. I am so excited about this gorgeous quilt I had made up by Wild Littles. This weekend we will celebrate him and I will probably cry again like I did last Sunday! But I couldn't be happier with his first-year present.

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