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8 Tips To Becoming a Mompreneur

So want to start a small business? 
How I went about it, probably was the farthest thing from the right way to do it but it worked. There were lots of mistakes and hiccups on the way but every step was a learning curve I needed to go through! 

In 2014 my husband and I had moved back from California and after not working for an entire year and having a baby I decided to pursue my hobby as a photographer. The step was not a hard decision since my photography skills had quickly turned into something people I had grown in and people were willing to pay me for. How to run an actual business, though, was a whole new ball game.
When I decided to start DearLovesCo. in July of 2016, I had a foundation of how to run a business. I knew how to provide great customer service, how to deliver and brand a product and how to keep track of the loads of work that goes on behind-the-scenes. 

I read a lot and watched a ton of online resources, spending endless time learning all I could on how to do it well. 

Below are 8 tips that I swear have been the huge backbone to how I started both my businesses. Your idea(s) are all yours but how to make it come alive takes a few practical steps (and probably even more than I share below). Hopefully, these will inspire you if you are at all on your road to starting your own business.

1. Find Your Passion
When starting a business, you need to have passion. You need to love and believe in what you're doing or what your selling. You are the only person who can make you work, so finding something you truly love and are passionate about will give you a consistent drive and determination like no other. You won’t just need to convince yourself to work on your to-do list, no instead you will want to do your to-list because you love what you have created or what you are doing.

2. Be Prepared To Work Hard 
Running your own business is HARD work, other than parenthood, it has been the hardest. As great as it is to pick your own work times, be home with your kids, be your own boss, etc. You are alone. You do 100% of the business unless you have the money to pay someone else to do parts of it (which I do recommend as you grow). You do the paperwork, the marketing, the emails, the website, the phone calls, and on top of that the creating and preparing of what you sell or do. What we as consumers see is far from what is going on behind-the-scenes. Be prepared.

3. There Will Be Parts You Don’t Love
As much as there will be passion there will be parts you don’t like. I love creating, but I hate paperwork. But paperwork is just part of both my jobs. I have to write up contracts, I have to keep track of all of my small business tax information and so much more. To run a small business well, you can’t slack off on the things you don’t enjoy. Either find someone to do them or work hard and get them done right and legally. It is a must. Be prepared you won’t love every aspect to running a small business.

4. Set Boundaries
Boundaries and time management is everything in running your own business especially if you are working from home and have a family. You have to make “work” time. Find a day or two to work and commit them to your business.

5. Read and Educate Yourself
There are so many amazing free online resources to learn about running your own business. Take advantage of them such as Creative Live and Skillshare

6. Growth is Slow and Steady
My mom started her own business when I was 8, I remember overhearing her over and over again: it takes 5 good years to establish a business. I never let that go. Although I have had many slow moments in both my businesses I have wanted to give up and quit, I always told myself… growth takes time. Know you will not perfect anything in a week, month or year. Everything you do takes time and let it take time. 

7. Believe You Can Do It, Even If You Fail.
About all else, believe in yourself. You may not hear it from everyone around you, especially as you are just starting out, so you may have to be your own best cheerleader. But always believe. You may fail and must get up and try again if you want to succeed. Fill your time with those who believe in you and your vision. And know even if you fail it is ok, failing is always better than not trying at all. 

8. Don’t Compare Yourself
There will always, always, always be someone you think does it better than you. Learn to love those who share your passion and are doing the same. It will bring you all a lot more joy. Competition can breed determination and drive when used properly, but don’t let it get the best of you. Encourage and maybe even collaborate with those who around you.

I hope these steps can help you take that leap of faith into a dream you have always had! 

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  1. So much truth! Just found you on instagram (I'm @brassbabyco)!! and love your blog & feed :) I'll be following :*

    1. Awe love this Courtney! I am so happy you found me! Thanks for reading!!!


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