Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Paper Napkins & A DIY Table Runner

Call me last minute. Sometimes. 
I am a sure planner, but there are these times in my life, for whatever reason, I try to pull something off in the knick of time. I had like 364 days to plan for this day, it wasn't like I didn't know it was coming. 

However, as much as I knew I would be hosting Christmas at my house this year, I did a horrendous job at really planning for it. 
The day came, and I frantically ran around my house trying to find/make things to fill my very unfestive table. 

My initial goal was to get a table runner, Christmas crackers, these gold chargers, a correct number of linen napkins and an even number of wine glasses.

Again, the day came and I had only picked up some gold chargers and our traditional Christmas crackers. However, as I laid out the cutlery and dishes the table looked so bare. 
Last minute, I decided to pull off a DIY table runner which turned out better than I ever imagined and thankfully I had picked up some adorable deer paper napkins to top it all off (since there was no buying anything on Christmas day).

So how did I make it? I ran outside to our ginormous evergreen trees (like huge), and thanks to the snow there was more than a few large branches hanging low. I cut off about 4, approx 2 feet branches. I ran back inside and found some thin hemp string. Overlapping the two sides that I had cut off the tree I tied them together with the string and made it into a bow to make it cute. I did that to another set of two branches and then tied both of them together to make one long runner. I then found some candles in my cupboard and some sparkly pinecones from my tree and wedged them into the runner and that was it. It took me no more than 15 minutes. 

To top it all of I cut off a couple of single small branches to "garnish" the place settings! Christmas success I say, here's hoping I do a bit better planning next year, but hey I have 362 days to think about that. And by then I should have bought a few more wine glasses.

Palm Leaf Place Mats: IKEA
Matte Blue Plates: IKEA
Gold Chargers: Superstore
Deer Napkins: Superstore
Wooden Coaster: Michaels 

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