Saturday, 31 December 2016

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 has been a big year for more than just a few reasons. In February we welcomed our second son, in July we launched DearLovesCo., Sean completed his 4 years Masters of Divinity and we are finally on the search for a job and a new home. It has been an incredible journey, the hardest but the most character building I like to say. In trials, we for sure see the parts of our heart we didn't always know were there and if we did, we hide them well. In all of its amazement, I struggled with patience, I was was quick to anger and battled to find the joy in alot of things.
On December 23rd Sean and I decided were going to take a break. Like a real break. We closed down shop and I wrapped up my last shoot. Although I still had to finish up a few orders and photoshoots I tried my best to keep it all to a minimum and manage my time accordingly. However, in the midst of our youngest took a fall, our kids got beyond sick sending us to the ER one night, and we bounced from one house to another trying our very best to bring the holiday spirit with us!

Then comes today, the closing of this wonderful, exhausting year and all I can think of, is how I plan to do 2017 differently. Over the last couple days, I have made a small list of New Year's resolutions. Remember how I said in my Instagram post I don't do resolutions? Well its true, this is a first! 

1. UnPlug + Connect
By unplugging, I don't mean I will be quitting Social Media. No, over the last few months I have truly grown to love and admire so many Instagramers and it has brought a new depth to social media. I have loved connecting with so many of you even just through comments or updates. No, I won't be leaving social media but to have a better balance of time management I plan to unplug a bit more and find appropriate times o the day to post and be Social Media present and on the flip side find more time to be present in the moments without my phone and the people we hold so close to our hearts. I want to be a better mother, wife and friend come 2017.

2. Eat Locally
Over the past month, I have struggled with some Insomnia. I don't fall asleep till around 1 and then around 2:30 am I am wide awake for about an hour. I medicate my exhaustion with caffeine and find myself checking out numerous times of the day. Although there is nothing great about this, I have found some time to read an actual book and thankfully it helps me fall back asleep. 
During this time I have been reading the "The New Health Rules" and it has given me a really good picture of what our large corporation companies have to do to keep our foods "fresh" and preserved for us to buy. It was quickly clear if I had the choice why not just buy more locally if possible and at the same time following my #5 goal!

3. Make Water My #1
I'm just plain bad at this!

4. Time
I am such a "yes" person, it is a real problem. And here's the thing, I don't say yes because I feel obligated and I don't really want to do whatever you're asking me. No, I truly LOVE what I am saying "yes" to but because I love it so much I forget to protect my time for things such as self-care, my friends etc. 
So this year, I will be working on saying "no" even though inside I am super sad about it haha. 
 I will be focusing more on the things that are working for us, helping provide for my family and things I enjoy the very most, and keeping them at the top of my list. 

5. Shop Small
Ever since I started my small business I really came to learn how much it meant everytime someone shopped with us. You were literally helping us pay the bills, provide for my kids etc. There are TONS of amazing small business owners in your town or city that have created something that every penny they receive goes directly to helping them provide for their family. You are making a difference in their lives.

Alright, 2017 I think we are ready for you! 

Photos by Creative Wife & Joyful Worker, Edited by Julie Christine Photography
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