Monday, 28 November 2016

DIY IKEA Advent Calendar

My oldest is just about three and I loved the idea of sharing a bible verse and an activity we could do together or for someone else every day for the month of December. I love traditions, things we can do every year, so an Advent calendar seemed like the right thing to do.

This year I had many dreams of what our first Advent calendar was going to look like, but with our busy little lives, I needed something simple. I had Pinterest ideas in mind, but finding the time was just not happening.

Sure enough, a few weeks back while checking out Christmas decorations at Ikea I found this sweet little bag set, with sticker numbers included. Instantly I threw it in my cart, solving all of my advent calendar problems for the year.

I didn't think at first I would hang them, but in our little space finding a spot to lay out 24 mini bags was a bit challenging, so I threw my Pinterest advent calendar idea and my Ikea bags together and made something of my own. Although I would not call it at all Pinterest worthy, I would call it super simple, festive and a great way to kick off this year's tradition.

All it took was the following:

1. Ikea Advent Bags ($12.99)
2. Hemp string ($3.00 dollar store)
3. Wooden dowel ($1.00 - 3.00 Michaels)

Step 1. To start it all off, I created two little nooks on each side of the dowel so that when I tied on the string it would get stuck in the nooks and not slide along the dowel (like on a hanger).

Step 2. Once I did that I cut out some string to tie on each side (in the nooks) so it would be able to hang by a nail.

Step 3. I actually found it easiest to hang the dowel first before hanging all of the strings. It was just easier. So I found a place I wanted to hang it and just used a little nail to hang it.

Step 4. After we hung it, I cut out 24 different length strings. I was not picky about the lengths at all. I knew I wanted them to all be different and it is easy to adjust them once they are all hanging at the end.

Step 5. Once I cut out all the strings I just double knotted them onto the dowel and since they are looped on it was easy to give them an even amount of space between each other.

Step 6. Once I was all done hanging the strings I simply single knotted the bags to the string (I did mine in order but you could so whatever). Do it with a single not so they are easy to take off if needed and so you can easily adjust how far down or up you want them to hang.

Step 7. The another tip is to start from the middle strings and work your way out. This was your dowel is not potentially falling down because one side is a too heavy since it is only hung by a nail.

Step 8. And TADA. It is easy to just pull the bags up and down and loosen and tighten the knots.

We added bible verses, activities, and few craft supplies to each bag and the boys are so excited to get into their little bags this December.

 Hope this simple DIY finds you well, and you can enjoy some of our favorite holiday traditions as well with this simple idea!

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