Friday, 11 November 2016

3 Divine Etsy Stores Made For Your Babe

Just a small little list of a few of our favorite Etsy shops right now. Check out these ladies and the gorgeous products they are designing.

I came across Sawyer and Halle just a few weeks back. This little shop has the sweetest "baby bird" onesies and hand-dyed leggings. With the coziest color options and gorgeous graphics, these onesies are bound to be a favorite in your babe's drawer.

I cannot even remember how Rise and Kind ended up in my Instagram feed, but it did and how happy it did! Quickly I fell in love with these darling Lovies. Again, their earthy tones, stunning patterns (especially the floral) and lace trim, these are a stocking stuffer must-have this year.

A few months back when Deck and Oar had asked me if I was interested in having our DearLovesCo. Nursing Bracelets part of their store. I had seen a few of the other amazing companies they were partnering with, one of them being Earth and Mirth. This sweet little shop is made up of all organic, natural baby goods. Some of my favorites: Honeycomb Teether, Wooden Baby Rattle, and these bonnets that are coming soon! All of their products are so elegantly put together, with an earthy feel and excellent quality. 

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