Monday, 17 October 2016

7 Breastfeeding Hacks To Make Life That Much Easier

A few tip and tricks for that nursing season, because we all know breastfeeding doesn't always come easy, and these tips may not always help that but could make your life a whole lot easier for you! Here's my list for you!

1. Swaddle Blanket As Covers
We all have swaddle blankets and if you don't you should get some! Because I always have one with me, I find it easy to pull it out of my diaper bag and use it as a nursing cover. I just tie it around my neck and it is so long and wide it covers everything so well, I also love it is light and airy and helps my baby not get so warm under it.

2. Tank Tops + Pumping
When my family bought me a double electric pump, I really wanted it to be hands-free. I googled a couple of options and finally just decided to hack the ideas myself. So I went to Urban Behaviour, bought the tightest tank tops I could find (like $4 a piece) and cut holes in them. Yes, nipple holes. Honestly, best thing I ever did when it came to pumping. I can easily slap those bottles on and write a blog post if I really want to!

3. Nursing Bracelet
I created our nursing bracelets for this very reason. Especially as a mother of two, I constantly forget which side on nursed on last. To hack the problem I created a pretty bracelet to keep track easily! Keep them "even" with our bracelets:p

4. Organic Aussi Bites
Costco Aussi bites! When you're venturing into the breastfeeding world, I highly recommend buying these high-calorie snacks to have around the house! It is easy to forget to eat and your calories and water intake will affect your milk supply. These bites are high in calories with a ton of nuts and seeds and don't forget to down a glass of water with them.

5. Freeze Your Milk Flat
When storing that pumped milk, toss it in a breastmilk bag and lay it flat in your freezer. This way it will freeze flat and you can easily stack them behind each other in your freezer. Total space saver.

6. Teething Necklace
When your baby gets a bit older, it can be hard to keep their attention while breastfeeding. With my second I had a handful of teething necklaces I wore a lot, and I realized quickly he loved to play with while nursing. So now when his attention is not on the food, I throw on a necklace and he is happy to play with it.

7. Warm Pads
First-time moms! Buy breastfeeding warm packs, you can find some pretty ones through the Deck and Oar shop! These packs are not only amazing to help stimulate your let down, they are also the greatest when your nipples are sore. After nursing my first son as an infant I would throw them in the microwave and stuff them in my bra. It was quite entertaining, but total bliss!

Hope these hacks can help you in this season!

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