Thursday, 13 October 2016

5 Easy Ways To Record Your Child's First Years

I am a bit baby book/record my kid's life/journal everything obsessed.
Before our oldest was born, one of my best friends (who loves to scrapbook) asked me if there was anything I was planning to do to record my baby's first year(s).

I scoffed, telling her clearly... I am certain I will just print an album electronically one day... I've got like 18 years. Little did I know that when he arrived, I had a very hard time letting go of the idea of not recording those big milestone.

Trying just about everything on the list below I got a good feeling of what worked and what didn't, what was easy and what was a bit more time consuming. I tried scrapbooks, slideshows, and various other things, but these 5 were by far the easiest way to record those first few years of my kid's lives.

1. Buy a Journal.

Take a little trip out to Chapters and scour through their journal book sections. There are some pretty nice journals. I know for me, I wanted one for every year so I instead bought a handful of pretty books with just plain paper in them, a bit cheaper than your official journal.
It sits right beside my bed so that every night before I go to bed, I don't forget to journal just a bit of our day and the highlights. Don't forget to record the date as well!

2. Print/buy a Calendar

Same kind of idea, but with this one you are writing short little snippets of each day in the box. I printed a calendar just off Word and have it on a clipboard slipped inside my desk drawer. Every day we do something I record it. "Today we went to the Apple Barn," etc. I find it incredibly simple since I don't have to write much and yet, at the end of the month you have

3. Write a Letter Every Month

Nowadays, your mostly liking taking a monthly photo of your new babe and if your not, just jot down on your calendar your babe's birth date each month. When that date comes around, take an evening to write just a short little letter to your child. My dad actually did this for me when I was a year and a half. He wrote one letter, that to this day I treasure so much. Record approx. weight, height and the date and spend some time writing down the highlights of that last month. New foods they tried, sleeping habits (because we all know we don't want to forget how tired we were:p), things you did. Save it or print (and throw it in a memory box) and do it again next month. 

4. Print a Yearly Album

There are some really simple online albums you can make. My favorite I use is MyPublisher. Every year I round up approx. 20-50 photos of the year upload them to MyPublisher. If you are fine with them not being in a sequence you can get the software to just create the albums itself. If you want them to all go in a certain order you can custom make as you like. 

5. Buy a Baby Book

I am sure a lot of you parents have already done this. Easy peasy again, ready-made albums that prompt you to think about all those little moments you want to treasure forever. A lot of books also have little spots to store those first locks of hair, or first lost teeth. It's a perfect way to incorporate photos as well. Honestly, you really wouldn't need anything else but a solid baby book you love!

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