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Interview // Posie + Pine

Founder and blogger of Posie + Pine, meet Olivia and her sweet family. A wife, new mama of two, blogger and print designer this mama's talents are endless and we are so proud to be featuring her on the blog today!

Olivia and I met about a year ago and since then I have had the pleasure of photographing her and her family more than once. It has been so much fun seeing little Bo grow and Ivy's arrival this past month! Today on the blog I am sharing a few images of Ivy's newborn session, some nursery inspiration and a bit about Olivia and her blog and shop, Posie + Pine

Ivy's nursery will also be featured on 100 Layer Cakelet in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

Tell us how you picked your daughter's name?

Well, we had a super hard time with girl names but had a list of boy names a mile long! I had about 4 names picked and asked my Husband which he liked the best. After asking a few times, "Ivy" was the only one he liked. The ONLY one we could agree upon! I have this "every age" rule, the name has to be suited for every age: baby, teenager, adult, and senior. Sometimes a name that works for babies and seniors doesn't sound so great as a business professional in their 40's. Ivy met those criteria for me, but I still wasn't 100% sold. I decided to look up the meaning expecting to see "a plant" meaning, which I of coarse did. But also to my surprise, it came up as a symbol of Faithfulness. This resonated hugely with me and our journey in having a family. So from that day on I was sold. We waited a few months on the edge of our seat praying that those around us having girls wouldn't take our only name and thankfully no one did. Then she was born! Our Ivy girl. 

What are a few of your favorite pieces in her nursery?

My favorite are the pieces I inherited from my Grandma's "grandkid" room. I spent many days sleeping over at her house surrounded by the treasures she had at her house. She passed away a couple months after we found out we were expecting Ivy so it makes me feel like they are connected to her in some way. We have a painting of a little girl with a puppy that is a staple from my childhood memories and it's beautiful to think my daughter will grow up with the same thing. Another is the rocking chair. We got it second hand and is the comfiest chair ever, and luckily because we have spent many nights with both our babies in it so it has become very sentimental to me. Precious memories I will hold onto forever.

 Tell's a bit of your story as to how you kept "having a girl" a secret, and how did you tell everyone?

When we found out we were expecting we were shocked! It was our first try since having our son (who took us 2 years to conceive). We didn't think we wanted to find out the gender as we didn't really care what the gender was but they offer now to tell you right at your 20-week scan. We were taken off guard (once again haha) and so in the spur of the moment, we decided to go for it! We also decided to let everyone know we knew but that we would be keeping it a surprise for the big day! It was hard but no one really bugged us for the answer, everyone was pretty respectful of our choice and it was fun to hear all the guesses! We had a planned C-section so we wanted to keep the surprise element there as much as we could. We waited until she was born to make the call to friends and family to tell them, they were the best phone calls we have ever made.

What inspired you to start your blog, Posie + Pine?

Love this Question! My tagline for my blog is "be inspired" :) I was inspired by all the Mompreneurs and bloggers that I have followed over the years, a lot of them local, seeing them pursue their passions and raise littles. How could you not be inspired by these women?! Posie & Pine really came about because I felt this need to bring all things I am passionate about and love into one place, under one roof.

What's your favorite part of being a blogger?

I love blogging because I get to write and explore so many different things! Home Design, Decor, Party Planning, Beauty, Mama things and things that are resting on my heart. It's really cathartic to be able to express everything that makes me tick. Also, the community that it brings. I get these comments and private messages from women in all walks of life and they all glean something different from the same post. They are supportive and loving and as women, we are connected in such a unique way. We end the negativity and the popular "shaming" when we stop competing and start encouraging.

What inspired you to start creating your gorgeous prints?

I started creating my prints because I needed a few for my son's nursery, and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I have always loved art, and really needed an artistic outlet throughout my whole life. When my sweet Bo was born (and as we know newborn babies kind of take over your life and you feel so out of sorts) I found I was turning back to making art during nap times (despite the tower of laundry and dishes ) just so I could do something to make me feel like...well.. Me. When I was toying with the idea of Posie & Pine, I felt like I needed to provide something, words are great but I find the people who you can connect with most aren't just those throwing out their "lifestyle" opinions, but ones who do so while working hard at something they are passionate about.

What is your favorite print?

Ah its so hard to choose! A little of my heart goes into every single one, but if I had to choose I would have to say the 1 Corinthians 1:9 print. "She holds onto hope, for he is forever faithful." Nothing rings more true for me. It's a simple print but nothing beats truth.

Any tips or advice on being a stay at home mom and blogger?

Oh boy, well I have not been doing this for very long and really feel like I am winging it all together but I guess the 2 biggest things I've learned so far is that you can't base your worth on how many likes/followers/responses you have. You gotta do it for yourself first and foremost, then you will never have "failed", only succeeded. And second, balance. I always feel when 7:00pm rolls around and babies go down for the night, it's my time. Time to unwind and to let off steam by doing things I enjoy (writing, creating..) but it's the only time during the week me and my husband get to spend together amongst the craziness. Remain open, communicate and set boundaries for yourself.

What your favorites just for fun?
1. Favorite season: Autumn
2. Favorite person(s): My husband, my son + daughter!
3. Favorite drink: Hot drink - Chai tea latte, Cold - Blood Orange San Pellegrino
4. Favorite after dinner treat: I am a sucker for chocolate mug cake. If you don't know what mug cake is - Pinterest it.
5. Your ideal day: Sunny Saturdays going for breaky at Duft&Co with my family and walking around the farmer's market and Montrose shops.

Photography: Julie Christine Photography 
Ivy's Outfit: Isn't She Lovely 
Small Hair Bow + Moccasin Shoes: Minimoc
Ivy's White Swaddle: Numpfer 
Floral Wall Hanger + "Welcome" Baby Card: Posie and Pine 
Bookshelf: Ikea
Mobile: TipToe Meadow 
Olivia's Dress: Spruce Collective 
Kite Nursing Bracelet: DearLovesCo.

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