Saturday, 10 September 2016

10 Small Shop Gifts For Mom & Baby // Part 1

As soon as we opened our small online shop, DearLovesCo., we started to truly appreciate so many who shopped small. Being just a small business, it means the world to us to know that so many people have chosen to support us. 

I have had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of other small business owners since our launch and even before, thanks to photography. So many amazing people, running empowering businesses. Sean and I got a good taste of just how much goes on behind the scenes. The time, effort and expenses that go into making a business successful is amazing. Amazingly, there are also a ton of moms, which kicks it up a notch. Stay-at-home moms working their butts off to make beautiful things to support their families. It is again, incredible. 

Over the last few months, I have made it a goal to be very intentional to shop small, and even local if I could. It is thanks to so many of you who choose to support us and them that make it possible to do what we do! So thank YOU! 

Just for fun, I thought I would share a handful of lovely mom & baby gifts from some of my favorite local, small shops. 1 of a 2 part series, so there are many more to come!

1. Sprig West ("Be Brave" wall hanger): Somewhat new to the online world, Sprig West makes gorgeous products! These wall hangers are perfect for any new baby's room, and you can find a few customizable pieces to add in as well. It is the perfect accent to your babe's new nursery!

2. Pecan Tree Creations (Floral Wallet): This wallet is the perfect accessories for the new mom-to-be. As soon as I had my second son, I was really done holding a diaper bag and a purse. So I ditched the purse and got one of these lovely wallets that I could easily fit into my back pocket or throw in my diaper bag. 

3. Mint and Birch Jewelry (Mama Bear Necklace): I am certain any new mom would fall in love with any necklace from Mint and Birch. Jessica's whole goal in her necklaces was to tell stories through each one. She offers multiple fonts and customizations to most of her necklaces making them that much more unique. "Mama Bear" is pretty sweet, but you can also get custom made jewelry with your little one(s) names stamped on it as well. Again, a pretty spectacular gift for the mom-to-be.

4. Mama Gems (Teething Necklace): Mama Gems is not your typical teething necklace company. First off, she supports various charities that are close to her heart with part of the proceeds and she makes uniquely different necklaces then most teething companies I have seen. Do you want to "wow" that mom-to-be? Take a look at her collection and know you are picking out a teething necklace uniquely different than the rest, and one that is also giving back! 

5. Minimoc (Moccasin Shoes): If you're local, I am sure you have heard of them. All the more reason to know these are incredible gifts for the mom-to-be. These gorgeous mocassins are as sweet as they come (just wait till you see them in size 1, they are pretty adorable). Perfect for everyday wear for baby, or even the toddler. Not only that you can find some sweet hair bows, bow ties and more on their site. With so many incredible colors to pick from, they are again another must-have mom-to-be gift. 

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