Friday, 30 September 2016

5 Kid Buys Well Worth Your Dollars

1. Melissa + Doug's Water Wow Books

A few months back, while at church, our oldest got his hands on a Melissa & Doug's Water Wow book. As he sat at the table painting away, I watched him flip through page by page... painting a handful of scribbles on each. I looked over at Sean who was sitting next to him and whispered, "psst. he is colouring on ALL of the pages... some other kid is not going to be happy when he has no colouring pages left in his book." To my surprise, Sean replied, "oh no, they are reusable. They just dry and you can do them over and over again." Say what? It sounded beyond genius to me. Not only was the idea of "reusable" amazing, it was completely and totally mess free since water was the only supply needed. And to top it all off the water is added into the paint brush so you don't even need to supply dipping water. I was quick to pick up a few of these from Chapters a few weeks later, and I cannot explain how well worth my money they were. Coming from a mom who has had her son draw all over her couch, it is so nice to have an artistic option available for him at any time and not have to worry one bit about a mess. Plus they are great for the car.

2. Aldergrove Zoo Membership (before your kids turn 3).

This is obviously only for locals, but it had to go on the list. To attend our local zoo it costs approx. $25 plus parking OR you can buy a zoo membership for approx. $80, get free parking and a train ride pass per month. Membership is good for a year. Best family activity investment I think I made in 2016. I bought it right before our oldest turned 2, and I am certain I went over 30 times. Basically, $2.50 per each time I attended the zoo. Plus your kids will REALLY like it! Every time you go there is something new to see or an animal that is that much closer to the fence:p

3. Ikea Kura Bed

A dear friend of mine shared the Kura bed with me. She told me she had a bed that would one day turn into a bunk bed for her boys. Being a new mom to two little boys, our hopes were they would share a room one day. But how? We were still a little unsure of. We had tossed back and forth about getting bunk beds in the future but to my surprise, the Kura was the perfect big boy bed for our two-year-old.
The $159 Ikea bed, is made originally to be a loft bed but the genius part is it is also reversible. So the bed is a twin bed with an open top while your oldest is still a little young. And in a few years, you can flip it right side up and it is open underneath for play or whatever you would like to use it for. For us, a perfect spot for another twin mattress. A $159 purchase that will most likely last us for a good 5 years. 

4. Dapper Snapper Half belt

Probably not applicable to everyone, but I have pretty tiny kids. My oldest has a waste of an 18-month-old and height length of a two-year-old. That being said, finding clothes that fit properly is not easy. Most of the time we buy a 2T, and we have to get some sort of belt. I personally am not a huge fan of belts, hence why we held off buying him one. That was until my mother-in-law showed up with a Dapper Snapper half belt. The belt can be purchased off of Amazon, and for anyone who has kids who struggle to fit into their clothes, this back waste half belt is the perfect fix it. My son can't reach it to take it off and it is not clumpy in the front of his pants. Another buy that will be well used if your kids are tiny like mine.

5. Aden + Annis Swaddle Blankets

I cannot get over most swaddle blankets. I think they are pure genius. We use them for swaddling, for spit up, and as a breastfeeding cover. It is a must-have on every trip. For $60ish dollars you can buy a set of 4. We swaddled our first son with them constantly. With our second, we bought a Wombie (another great buy). All that to say, I thought I would never use our swaddle blankets again, but I was wrong. To this day I can't leave the house without one. Again for simple things like spit up, and especially as a cover for breastfeeding (since I found other covers shrunk in the wash and didn't cover as much) swaddle blankets are a great investment. 

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