Sunday, 14 August 2016

3 First Year Must-Haves

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As many of you know I am a wife, and a mama of one very special little boy, J. This month J has been learning how to walk, he is approaching his first birthday in just a few weeks, and "ya" seems to be his all time favorite word for everything.
My husband has been fortunate enough to be a student at this time and because so has got to watch J hit a lot of these milestones over the past year.

Motherhood has been the hardest job I have ever had, by far. I am rarely in the kitchen making dinner, laundry spends days in the washing machine (sometimes I even have to re-wash it), and all of my evenings are spent working on work. Thankfully by now our little man is an excellent sleeper, we can put him to bed at 7 pm and he is out for the night. Because of that, it is possible for me to run a business. Now a year into Motherhood I finally feel like things are getting simpler. I have actually gone to the gym a handful of times, I feel like I can invite people over for dinner and actually have it ready on time, and nap times are finally somewhat predictable. Should I knock on wood?
Over the last year though there are few must-haves I have to mention:

You really can not have too many of these. At least with our little guy he a more than just a few blow-outs. So, in other words, there was always a handful in the wash. J practically lived in these blankets, they were perfect for throwing over the car seat when he was taking a nap out, they were also so light it was awesome in the summer when I just wanted to throw something over J that was not too warm.

Oh just invest in one of these if you can. I can not believe how much I have used my pump. It is amazing if you have any breastfeeding issues and amazing if you just want to go out one evening for a date night, I have used my breast pump so much. And while you are at it, buy a super tight cheap tank top from H&M and cut two holes in it. This way your pump can be hands-free!

These things are amazing! Total money saver too. That little package you buy at the store is at least a buck and piece. We bought 8 of these reusable Food Pouches and they are perfect for packing snacks in. The were really helpful at the beginning when your baby is only eating mush. No bowl, no spoon, just one of these pouches filled with apple sauce and you are good to go.
My husband and I are now in the beginning stages of deciding when baby number 2 will be on the way. Ask me 6 months ago and I would have said NOW. But as time as gone on and my life has slowly become more manageable and predictable I find it hard to commit myself to jumping back on the baby wagon. We are falling into a routine, we are getting to spend our first summer doing fun activities together, and we can travel farther than 2 hours away without needing to turn around and come back home right away. So as much as we go back and forth about the decision we are becoming more and more content where we are for now.
Who knows, our little niece will be arriving any day now and I'm sure I will have baby fever all over again. Time will tell.

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